What the Funk?

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The Funk is a collective term that refers to a class, community, team, and training methodology.

At the root of all these things lies Funkology, a fitness philosophy that was created by asking one simple question:

How can we keep this interesting — Forever?

Without a good answer here, we’ll eventually quit. Neither our will-power or discipline or even “Thrive patches” will be enough to carry us as far as we need to go if the journey itself isn’t enjoyable.

Through the power of the Funk, these are the 6 steps we take to prevent that:

1. Add good, Positive people to the mix
2. Foster an Ego-less environment
3. Make it Challenging
4. Utilize a Variety of creative exercises and equipment
5. Adapt to your needs, abilities,and life’s curveballs
6. Connect in and outside the workouts

It’s not for everyone but if you consider yourself a “fitness misfit” who doesn’t really know where they belong,

…then it’s probably for you.

The Funk Class

This is what goes down


The Funk Class is tough without being too tough.

At our sessions, you should never feel sick nor should you ever be so sore the next day that they hate life. We believe in only doing better than what we have done before. For some, the bar will be low and for others, not as much.

Since we are gym-less, the only machine we have at our disposable is the human body so we will have no choice but to become excellent at using this. A large focus of ours is on real-world strength, which more-or-less equates to Pushing, Pulling, and Holding Heavy Things. If our training goal could be summed up in one sentence, than this is it:

We want you to be able to lift a car off someone if you need to and be able to run to safety for when the aliens attack.

To add another flame to the question “Why are we doing this?”, we register for team events.

Join the Team

Want to know more?


Meet the Funkologists

AKA Trainers


Funkologists are the creators of this Funk.

They plan the workouts, they make sure we are moving correctly (and help us when we can’t), and they set up all the rest of the variables to make sure we have a challenging but enjoyable workout.

Funkologists are trainers but not all trainers are Funkologists (yeah, we’re different).

We’re not here to preach our beliefs nor are we interested in selling anything you don’t or want. With the Funk, our solution is a more passive approach: we believe if we work hard and smile, that this positive energy will then infect you as well (and often it does).

Meet the Funks

Levi Clampitt


Created the Funk in his parent's basement.

Cara Lee


As Cara puts it, she is here mainly for "comic relief".

Blair Tinant


Resident dance leader / high five specialist.

Rico Tomsha


Forget Raymond, everybody loves Rico. You will too.

Anastasiya Shved


FACT: Anastasiya is a robot with a heart of gold.

Collette Minish


You will never meet someone that smiles more than this girl.

Donna George


Supreme Jello Shooter maker.

Debby & Peggy

Running Funkologists

Don't let their age fool you, these ladies Funk like 20 year olds.

Get Funked

It's not what you think...

funk fitness community

For the non-locals We are currently setting up programs and other materials so that we can funk you anywhere, anytime. In the meantime, here are 3 things you can do:



Our book on amazon is a must for any budding Funkologist.



You’re on facebook. We’re on facebook. It just makes sense.



Get coaching to funk up any obstacle course (sign up here).

Other than that, if you have a question or comment throw it in below.

Bless your face!

- The Funk

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